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Chimuwaves Story

Chimuwaves Geschichte

Chimuwaves Geschichte

The history of surfing in Peru goes back to the Indian culture (“Inca”) of the Mochica and Chimu.

These two tribes, settled in the northern part of the country, lived near the coast.
Their fishermen made the so-called “Caballitos de Totora” (“reed horse”).
Small boats with which you could master the strong tide and ebb fluctuations, and not least the big waves.

The name “Caballito” (little horse) probably goes back to the fisherman's sitting posture, which resembles a rider, while “de Totora” is derived from the “reed” plant used for construction.

Chimuwaves are first-generation surfers, this form of surfing is over 2000 years old.
The Caballito de Tortora was made by the Huanchaco Indians (artists and fishermen in northern Peru).
Jewelry such as surfer necklaces or shell necklaces are widespread in northern Peru.

Most of the year the weather is very hot and surfers wear them as amulets in the water.
Women usually wear anklets and bracelets, after swimming they can wear them on the beach and outdoors.

Chimuwaves trägt die Kunst des Schmucks in meinen Adern, ich mache es mit viel Liebe und positiver Energie für die Surferwelt da draußen. Kunst des Schmucks in meinen Adern, ich mache es mit viel Liebe und positiver Energie für die Surferwelt da draußen.
Besuchen Sie unseren Surferschmuck Online-Shop, wir haben handgeflochtene Lederarmbänder, Maorischmuck Surferketten mit Samen und natürlichen Knochen. Treibholz Surfbrett Anhängern und vieles mehr.

Our Natural Materials

Unsere Produkte




 Chimuwaves natural pearls from around the world

Each item is carefully handcrafted for you. The materials we process all come from nature.

On our travels around the world we find seeds, clams, bones, coconut pearls, etc.
Unsere Surferketten, Armbänder und Fußkettchen sind ab sofort für Sie verfügbar.
We will shortly be adding earrings with seeds and stones from the Andes to our range in order to be able to offer you a wonderful mix of handmade surf jewelry.

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